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Magnificent Desolation

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Watch your step. You’re not the first one through the door, but we know what you’ll say when you get out there. Fourteen short stories of dark fantasy.

  • Necrogarchy
  • Kora
  • The Last Burden
  • The Day They Let Bernard Leave
  • Adelaide
  • Voodoo ver. 1.0
  • Of Sorcery and Seasoning
  • Bottom’s
  • Things No One Should Know
  • These Modern Times
  • Room 814
  • Grey
  • The Excavation
  • With Such Permanence As Time Has

A very enjoyable reading experience; a broad range of characters and plots, most a bit on the darker side of life but some happiness and sunshine mixed in for flavor. I recommend this book to anyone with a touch of macabre to their sense of humor, or a reader looking for something a few steps off the beaten path of so many standardized plots.

By J. Adams

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