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Lose Control of Your Marketing

Lose Control of Your Marketing

Do you market like the Grateful Dead? Or like Led Zeppelin? (Find out in the ebook).

Here are some other things you’ll find inside:

Return On Investment Makes You Boring

“For many executives, an obsession with ROI is just a convenient excuse to shy away from something new and untested. Yet that’s exactly what the best ideas for creating a World Wide Rave are—new and untested.”

“If you’re obsessed with ROI measurements that worked in an offline world, then you’re just making an excuse. If you worry about losing control of your message, then you’re making an excuse.”

Sales Leads Are The Wrong Goal

“For decades, companies have offered Web content as lead bait. But the goal should be to get the word out about your organization, not to misuse the Internet for the sake of an outdated technique.”

“For your ideas to spread and rise to the status of a World Wide Rave, you must give up control. Make your information on the Web totally free for people to access, with absolutely no virtual strings attached.”

What Do You Have To Lose (But Control)?

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It seems to me that the “World Wide Rave” is nothing more than glorified viral marketing. David Meerman Scott is a brilliant marketer, because his “World Wide Rave” is the World Wide Rave. The bottom line is, everyone with their own website or business can learn a lot from this master of viral marketing.

[...] control of your marketing,” is how David Meerman Scott put it. Give ideas and information away freely with no strings attached. Be willing to give up [...]

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