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The Self-Publishing Manual

The Self-Publishing Manual

Book publishing is changing: this book describes how to take advantage of those changes. This Volume II is the sequel to The Self-Publishing Manual (Volume I), the most successful book ever written on the subject. This manual describes how to use new techniques to write your book even faster, use new technology to publish it for less, and how to use social media for promotion.

As usual, our self-publishing guru, Dan Poynter, is on the cutting edge of the New Book Publishing Model. Volume II  couldn’t come at a better time…when we so desperately need it!”

– Ellen Reid, www.bookshepherding.com

Self-publishers: This how-to book and encyclopedia will be your most important investment. The subject matter is succinctly stated, well planned, and organized with excellent illustrations; particularly notable are the sections on how to gather and refine material for any nonfiction book, no matter who publishes it. Poynter points you in the right direction.”

— Teacher–Writer

This is by far the best book of its kind.

— Writing & Publishing

160 pages

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