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Annalea, Princess of Nemusmar

Annalea, Princess of Nemusmar

After reading the first paragraph of this novel, you’ll probably conclude that this is a book about pirates. This is not a book about pirates. Okay, there are a few pirates in the book. (Okay, there are quite a few pirates in the book.) But this is not a book that is just about pirates. There are many other types of characters cast in this story, including slaves, former slaves, slavers, merchants, colonists, American Indians, seamen and harlots, and–of course–the child who journeys to womanhood while living among them, Annalea. The cast, and the variation of character types, grows in proportion to the adventures presented in this novel. No, this is not a book about pirates.

If, for you, the pleasure of reading a novel comes from intimate familiarity with strong characters and a sense of sharing in their lives and adventures, then you will thoroughly enjoy reading the saga of Annalea.


“If you have ever seen an orchid, put that flower in your mind. And in the heart of that orchid is where you be. And all around you–streaming towards you and away–are exotic colours: vibrant, yet somehow soft and soothing. And when the mist-laden petals of night fall about, you are wrapped up, safely hidden in a beautiful cocoon. Aye, that was Nemusmar!”

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