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Welcome to eBooks Just Published

The challenge for authors today is not how to get published – it’s how to get noticed. This site connects independent authors with a large reader base that’s growing every day. If you’re publishing your work in ebook format and it’s DRM-free, you can announce it on this site.

6 reasons why you should announce your ebook here

  1. Reach a large reader base* for free.
  2. No contracts or exclusivity clauses.
  3. Include links to your own website, favourable reviews, print version on Amazon, etc.
  4. Simple submission process.
  5. Quick turnaround – announcements usually appear within 24 hours.
  6. Did we mention it’s free!

Thank you for the opportunity to announce my book. The number of downloads shot up immediately after it appeared.

– Wesley Allison, author of His Robot Girlfriend.

Criteria your ebook must meet to be accepted

  • Must be available in electronic format that can be downloaded or viewed online.
  • Must not contain any DRM protection. Readers must be able to view your ebook on any device, print it, make a backup copy and convert it to audio using text to speech. No restrictions can be placed on the number of times or for how long the above operations can be performed. (Note: this doesn’t affect your copyright or the right to charge for your ebook).
  • It’s fine if you’re also publishing a print edition. However readers must be able to purchase and download the ebook version independently.
  • Must have been published in ebook format within the last 6 months (We’ve temporarily relaxed this to 18 months while the site is getting established).
  • You can preannounce an upcoming ebook once prior to the publication date.
  • You can remove your announcement at any time in the future should you choose.
  • We reserve the right to reject any submission or take down an existing announcement that contains material we deem to be misleading, unethical or objectionable.
  • If you’ve written one of those scammy ebooks, do not try and announce it here (e.g. for just 5 easy payments of $49.95 we’ll show you how to earn over $1M a year while working just 2 hours a week).

Is my ebook good enough?

 We don’t claim to be literary experts and will not judge a book on it’s literary merits (however our readers may by using the star rating system and leaving reviews in the comments). If you’re an aspiring or first-time author, we encourage you to announce your ebook here. Many readers delight in discovering new authors. You may find your harshest critic is yourself.

The process for submitting your ebook

  1. Register with this site as an Author. You will automatically be assigned the Contributor role. This will allow you to create and edit a post announcing your ebook.
  2. Submit your post, following our guidelines exactly.
  3. Wait for your post to be reviewed and approved. One of the following will happen.
    • If your ebook meets our criteria and you’ve followed the post guidelines, your announcement will be published.
    • If your ebook is OK but your post needs some changes to meet our guidelines, we’ll let you know.
    • If your ebook doesn’t meet our criteria, you will be sent a polite email explaining why it was rejected.

Guidelines for submitting an ebook announcement

  • Please use the template provided. When you login to the site you will see a New post from template button on your Dashboard. Use this to create your announcement using the supplied template. Using the template has the following benefits.
    • Ensures you don’t forget to include important information.
    • Makes it easy for you to layout your announcement.
    • Ensures a consistent look for the entire site.
    • Makes it easy for readers to locate relevant information about your ebook as each announcement has a consistent layout.
    • Includes a checklist at the bottom you can refer to while creating your announcement.
  • The post title must be the exact title of your ebook. If it’s a preannouncement, append (Pre-release). Subtitles may be included or excluded at your discretion.
  • Use the Tags field for your name and only your name.
  • Choose the Genre(s) or subject your ebook belongs to from the list of Categories. If your ebook falls into a genre or subject we don’t have a Category for yet, add New Category: Your_New_Category to the end of your announcement. We’ll create the requested Category and include your ebook in this Category and then remove the instructions from your announcement.
    • If your ebook is free, make sure you include the Free Category.
    • If it’s a preannouncement, include the Pre-release Category.
  • If you want to delay publication to a date in the future, add Publication Date: Your_Publication_Date to the end of your announcement. We’ll delay publication until the date specified and then remove the instructions from your announcement.
  • You can include one cover image. This must be in jpeg format (.jpg) with dimensions of 160 pixels wide by 240 pixels high.
  • Unless your ebook is free, you must include the price.
  • Include the page count.
  • Do not exceed 400 words for your announcement.
  • Do not use all uppercase or large fonts for the entire announcement.
  • You can use a maximum of 3 block quotes.
  • Remember to link to your website, favourable reviews, print edition on Amazon, etc.

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