John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure, Parts I to V

John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure, Parts I to V

In this serialized adventure, John Smith is introduced as an amnesiac on the battlefields of France during the Great War.  Quickly realizing that he is more than he seems, John travels through a mysterious portal to a parallel Earth, one locked in an ice age.  Still coming to grips with his strange abilities, John meets friend and foe alike as he explores this new world.

This is a compilation of the first five parts and is free as part of a summer promotion at Smashwords.

Warning: Don’t read this if you are looking for something written at an 8th grade level.  This story is written purposefully in an archaic and more flowery style than is common these days.  It’s an adventure, but a descriptive one.

A good book with a very interesting story. I really enjoyed it and found only one small flaw. A few times the author uses language that seems too formal. It seems as though the author is used to writing and reading masters level material and the wording doesn’t fit with the story sometimes. But maybe thats just me reacting to the use of the word “Irregardless” which is a word I hate with a passion. LOL


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John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure

John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure

Awakening from a severe head injury and amnesia in an allied hospital during World War I, “John Smith” quickly realizes he is not like other men. John can travel to parallel worlds, seemingly through the power of his own mind. In this first serial, he not only learns of his power when it is triggered in the stress of combat, but visits an Earth still trapped in the midst of an ice age. On the ice age planet, John encounters not only humans, but another species locked in conflict with them.

I downloaded the mobi version and read this book on my Cybook in one sitting. I enjoyed it very much and I wish there were more chapters available.

The author writes in a style that is very easy to read, fluent and entertaining.

I really like the story line and I can’t wait for the next book! I want to know what happens next – soon, please.

Thank you, Smashwords, and thank you, Patrick. Well done!

- cbell