Love Like This

Love Like This

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge. To his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him to get close to…her daughter, Nicole. Once Ethan leaves his wife penniless and then breaks Nicoles heart his revenge will be complete. Too bad Ethan didn’t expect to fall in love with Nicole.

Crossing the large bedroom, furnished in black wood and purple – his favorite colors – he picked up her purse and opened the organizer. Did she purposely write in her lover’s appointment times knowing he could look, or did she think he was just too stupid to look? Either way, he had found out about the many lovers of Lynne Gray-Black about two months ago or the thought of her sleeping with other men didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would. He had never loved her in the beginning.

- Excerpt

146 pages



Diary of A…

Diary of A...

Sheryl Banks decided to start this diary of …(well she doesn’t know yet, LOL) Join her on her journey to find what every woman wants: a man. A good man! Her life isn’t that exciting, but she think it’s sure to keep you on your toes (smiling wickedly).

Entry One

I don’t know if I would call myself a whore. Maybe a freak, though it all just seems so nasty to admit, but not nasty to be one. LOL.

I wasn’t always like this. Matter of fact, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty-one, around my birthday and it was with my best friend. Rick and I had been best friends since sixth grade. He even dated my first best friend, Monica.

– Excerpt

You Decide
256 pages



Road to Freedom

Road to Freedom

Whitney escapes her cruel stepfather’s home only to fall into the hands of a man bent on revenge against her stepfather.

Meanwhile, Erica, Whitney’s stepsister, sees the evil of her father and leaves to find Whitney after her mother commits suicide. She searches for the truth to the past and herself, while rebuilding a relationship with her only sister.

Yet, their father is hot on their trail and they can only run so far, before they have to stand up against his evil cruelty. Whitney prays Erica will have enough strength inside of herself to fight with Whitney and hopefully their father won’t turn Erica back to the dark side of greed.

Road To Freedom is Spellbinding!!

Once you pick this book up, cancel everything you’ve got scheduled for the rest of the day!
Ms. Hubbard has managed once again to develop a story line so powerful and so gripping, with twists and turns that take the reader through every emotion in their arsenal! I swear I can’t figure out why she would give this book out for free, except that once she has you hooked, you’ll buy all of her works.
The character of Whitney is as 360 as it gets. The reader takes compassion on her and wants her to get everything her heart desires, but in the end Whitney has to realize what it is about herself that makes her hold out; effectively holding herself back from just that. Why can she be so generous with her sister Erika, to the point of playing match-maker, and yet be so opposed to her own happiness?
If you have read any of Ms. Hubbard’s other books, you will see the correlation between characters and her writing style is always full of danger, suspense, eroticism, passion, and most importantly unconditional love.
Fast paced and hard to put down!

Christel Hoover

Sylivia Hubbard’s Official Website

298 pages